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A Boutique Trust Experience


The Importance of Our Trust Company

Franklin Street Partners has been providing wealth management services in the Southeast since 1990. We enhanced our platform in 1992 by becoming a privately chartered North Carolina trust company, Franklin Street Trust Company. We are uniquely positioned to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their financial landscape, which includes wealth management, trust and estates, and family office services. In November 2018, Franklin Street Trust Company became a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary of Fifth Third Bank, National Association and Fifth Third Bancorp.

With over 30 years of experience and over $3.5 billion in assets under management, Franklin Street Partners believes in the investment of our people. We employ highly experienced professionals in each of our disciplines, who take the time to provide personalized and customized client service and solutions to the clients and families we serve.

Coordinating Wealth Management, Trust & Family Office Services

We know that individuals and families with significant wealth and financial complexity require much more than traditional investment services. At Franklin Street Trust Company, we have the ability to plan and deliver comprehensive wealth management, trust, and financial planning, working hand in hand with your attorney, accountant, and other professional advisors. We understand that each client and family presents a different set of needs, and our carefully coordinated approach ensures those needs are efficiently achieved.

Our StreetView Planning tool provides:

  • A real time financial picture for your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses, including accounts and assets not held at Franklin Street Partners
  • Planning and scenario analysis based on your financial goals
  • Estate planning and illustrations based on the estate plan you have developed with your attorney

Since our founding over 30 years ago, Franklin Street Partners has provided clients with independent, objective investment management services through Franklin Street Advisors, Inc., a registered investment adviser. Through our highly-experienced investment professionals, our approach is to complement our extensive in-house proficiencies with carefully selected investment alternatives. The result is client portfolios that are effectively designed to achieve each client’s goals within an appropriate, agreed upon level of risk.

Our process follows a systematic path to manage risk and performance, while minimizing downside exposure.

  • Investment policy development
  • Asset allocation
  • Implementation
  • Review, reporting & control

Trust and estate services are a critical aspect of our business, and we take our role as a fiduciary very seriously. Our trust powers and experienced fiduciary team enable us to effectively serve as a Trustee (Co-Trustee), Executor (Co-Executor) or Agent.  Why is this important? By doing this, Franklin Street Trust Company can be committed to leveraging our high-caliber professional solutions along with exceptional client service to always align ourselves with our client’s best interests.

We believe in a collaborative approach, using our internal expertise and your trusted professionals, that seamlessly integrates into your overall wealth management plan.  Considering your goals and objectives, we will personalize a holistic approach to satisfy your present and future family legacy.

Our comprehensive trust and estate services include:

  • Ongoing trust administration
  • Estate settlement & distribution
  • Continued wealth planning
  • Real estate management
  • Insurance coordination
  • Family financial planning & services
  • Client reporting & oversight

Careful and strategic planning is an essential foundation for financial success and can bring you peace of mind. We will guide you through our StreetView Planning program to create a structured plan for enduring financial success now and security in the future. We will also re-evaluate the plan with you during important life transitions, in order to ensure a continuously successful and evolving financial strategy.

Franklin Street Partners’ family office capabilities are closely aligned with the trust and investment services we provide to our clients. Rather than providing one bundled package of services, we custom design the comprehensive financial services you’ll need and collaborate with you, your family, and your other professional advisors. Our team will coordinate as much of your business and personal financial affairs as you desire. In addition to Franklin Street Partners’ investment management and trust services, we also provide services in the following areas:

  • Tax planning
  • Financial planning & budgeting
  • Bill pay
  • Family governance
  • Legal & accounting coordination
  • Insurance planning & coordination
  • Real estate transactions & management
  • Execution of major purchases
  • Management of financial or business needs

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