Franklin Street Partners

Perspective Based on Partnership

The concept of partnership lies at the core of our firm. Founded in 1990, Franklin Street Partners was created to manage the assets of our founding partners and to provide independent, strategic advice to other clients that valued our expertise. Even though we have grown in size and capabilities, our perspective has remained highly personal, and our relationships continue to be managed with the highest standards of professionalism, fiduciary responsibility and discretion.

Our partnership perspective is reflected in three core attributes of our firm:


We owe allegiance only to our investment management clients – not some larger parent organization. We do not originate corporate finance or merger transactions, underwrite public offerings, make markets or deal in any securities or financings. Similarly, we maintain an arm’s length relationship with all external managers on our platform.

Client focus

Our firm’s partners were its first clients, and our partners and management team continue to entrust their wealth to the firm. Because we remain privately owned, we are not subject to external profitability demands or artificial efficiency goals. We limit the number of external client relationships and maintain a very low client-to-advisor ratio, ensuring that we provide the same level of commitment, attention and personalized financial advice to all clients of the firm.

Personalized solutions
We structure unique investment solutions for each client, based on specific goals and constraints. You will work with an investment team led by a senior professional. He or she will thoroughly understand your objectives, preferences and constraints, will ensure that our best ideas are incorporated into your strategy, and will personally monitor your portfolio.